The International Society of Scientific Communications for Nobel Prize Laureates (ISSCNL) was first initiated by Nobel Laureate in Physiology/Medicine Sir Richard Roberts and Prof. Jack Szostak in the United States. The purpose is to provide a forum at which some of the world’s leading scientists and academicians gather together, share their wisdom, and help educate and inspire the next generation of scientists to advance medical research for the benefit of humanity.
The interests of the ISSCNL include the interface between science and business, cutting edge topics in biomedical research, science and technology policy, and protecting the legal rights of scientific professionals.
The ISSCNL is helping advance clinical and preclinical research, promotes new findings, technology and achievements, and hosts international meetings in the medical sciences. The World Nobel Prize Laureate Summit is one of ISSCNL's most renowned meetings for scientists and young professionals. Additionally, ISSCNL participates in public welfare opportunities, takes part in a plethora of medical publications, helps popularize scientific knowledge, provides counseling and rehabilitation instruction for patients, and raises awareness of public health care issues.

Our Vision
Our purpose is to gather and communicate the wisdom of the world’s leading scientists, promote the advancement of medical knowledge and technology worldwide, promote the training of new medical science and technology talents, and to serve humanity.

What We Do

• Organize leading industry conferences, academic training and exhibitions;
• Organize and carry out international academic exchange programs, 
   and strengthen friendly exchanges with international institutions and 
   science and technology professionals;
 Discover and recognize outstanding new medical science and technology talent;
 Organize a symposium for exchanging ideas with Nobel laureates, experts
   and outstanding intellectuals;

 Publish academic journals and foster promotional activities of the media;
 Develop new medical technology projects, promote scientific and technological
   achievements, and enhance the level of 
scientific exchange around the world;

 Establish social and public welfare endeavors.
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