2017 ISSCNL Awards
ISSCNL    Awards    is     sponsored    by     International    Society   of   Scientific Communications for Nobel Prize  Laureates  (ISSCNL)  and  supported  by  China Overseas-Educated   Scholars Development  Foundation Nobel Prize Star Special Fund. It  is  the one of the highest and most prestigious scientific awards in China.
ISSCNL  Awards  winners  are  brilliant  young  experts in life science and medical field. They were evaluated under impartial, transparent and rigorous standard by past  Nobel  Prize  winners and medical authorities from home and abroad. Award winners  will be  offered  with  opportunities  of doing academic exchange studies in   Nobel   laureate’s   laboratory   to  expand  their  academic field  of  vision, to enhance the professional level, and to inspire academic enthusiasm.

The selection procedure of the 2017 ISSCNL Award not only placed concerns on clinical and translational medicine, but also added an innovative award on traditional Chinese medicine. We aim to set role models for China’s research fellows in the medical research field and to form a practical, realistic, innovative research atmosphere.

ISSCNL Awards Ceremony: 


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