Why Science-Fact and Fiction?
We have an interesting meeting coming up in September, and titled Science: Fact and Fiction in which we have five Nobel laureates talking about the impact of Science and the Fact and the Fiction. The goals of the meeting and talks are to highlight the discrepancies that appear in the popular press and on TV between what is factual scientifically and what is fictional and made up by anti-science groups. We hope to encourage the audience to be skeptical of claims that are not published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and even those few that are, but when later publications refute the claims.

I will talk personally about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) where you have plenty GMO people telling you that these are dangerous and we shouldn’t grow them. Whereas, in fact, the developing world needs them and needs them badly, and in the future the developed world will need them too.
Again we will discuss the fact and the fiction that is told about this subject. Robert Merton will talk about the economic interests that often drive one side, or the other. This is probably best demonstrated in the area of climate change where clearly the oil companies would like to continue selling their oil which is causing climate change.

A recurring theme will be that deliberately feeding the public false information is most often done for financial gain. Climate change, energy, GMOs are excellent examples of money driving anti-science agendas.

So the meeting I think would be very interesting, very entertaining. And one will try to dispel the myth that is presently out there that we called science fiction that is supposed to science fact which is well actually known from science the moment.


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